Past projects

34% market share within 5 years

Cost control leads to 15.1% EBIT

Amongst many successful projects, ACTiWE and its partners have:

  • Written and implemented a business plan for the setting up of a subsidiary of a multinational company in Brazil. Initiated and implemented international cooperation agreements, as well as bi-regional networks for businesses, universities, research centres and non-profit organisations.
  • Drawn up and rolled out an international marketing plan for a new technology, including related products and services, with applications in civil and defence markets worldwide.
  • Selected and produced top-level European arts and culture events in Brazil and Latin America, and found the required financial backing.
  • Created, promoted and internationalised national, regional and local brands, and cultural and scientific activities in Europe and Latin America. This included finding partners, funding and sponsors.
  • Designed new, smart concepts for living, working, communicating, learning, and connecting people, enterprises, educational and research institutions and territories.
  • Developed a network for women’s empowerment between EU-CELAC countries.
  • Participated in a European Platform for Private Public Partnerships in developing natural capital.
  • Conceptualised and organised international events for leading multinationals featuring congresses, workshops, concerts and exhibitions. 
  • Promoted and developed territorial marketing of several Italian Regions to attract investments, capital and business to the area.