ACTiWE helps clients in internationalising their presence or activities, in defining effective strategies, and in developing marketing and sales capabilities and expertise. More widely, we are active in sustainability, lifelong learning, content development and business process modelling, as well as fostering commercial, cultural and technological exchanges between the European Union and Latin America

These activities include supporting and guiding start-ups in conceptualising projects in smart living, mobility and connecting people, based on ecological and sustainable solutions for housing, working and business.  In addition, we help clients to expand their own knowledge and skills through management-level continuous learning and coaching programmes focused on internationalisation issues, European affairs and scouting new markets.

In complement to these activities, we assist in identifying and acquiring political and financial support from regional, national, European and international institutions for the promotion of environmental, cultural and social projects.

ACTiWE provides a wide range of services to SMEs and other businesses focused on gaining access to worldwide markets and/or strengthening an existing international presence. These include: Advice on company reorganisation and integration... more
We work together with clients in public private partnerships on projects that benefit people and the environment. Our approach helps to ensure that financial and human capital contribute to the preservation of the planet's natural capital. By... more
Project management and community capacity building ACTiWE collaborates with public and private entities to strengthen the ability of community organisations and the capacity of people and/or groups to take effective actions and leadership roles... more
ACTiWE works with partners to design and set up platforms for the management and distribution of multimedia educational content, as well as for complete, integrated communication programmes. Through these partnerships, we also offer a full range of... more
System software Together with our partners, we specify and develop software systems for smart homes, buildings and mobility infrastructures, including dynamic management of integrated renewable energy sources. Modelling, simulation and... more
ACTiWE offers: Advice to private or public bodies, businesses or governments or other institutions that wish to present a higher value brand image through artistic or cultural events.   Selection and/or design of top-flight... more
ACTiWE has extensive experience of establishing and running SMEs in Brazil. Besides fluent Portuguese, our team offers in-depth knowledge of Brazil’s economic, social and cultural realities and has a wide-ranging, trusted professional network.... more
We help public entities, multi-national corporations, national and local companies, SMEs, cultural and trade associations, and NGOs in their EU engagement. Through our experience and contacts, we support our clients in increasing their visibility... more