Our mission

ACTiWE helps clients to launch new businesses, grow existing ones, enter new international markets and introduce innovative projects, products or services. We support them in mergers and acquisitions, in finding unique financial solutions, and in identifying matching partners. We also provide advice on adapting to radical global and economic change, and in developing strategic networking plans and cross-cultural exchanges.

Support at every level: local to global

ACTiWE collaborates with local, regional and national public and private bodies to promote education, growth, social inclusion, environmental quality, innovation, mobility and sustainability. We are strong in helping to attract investment and in setting up community capacity building programmes.

Circular approach

ACTiWE is committed to a circular and networked approach to business. We enable our clients to create new market opportunities and added value, using resources more efficiently to achieve smart, sustainable development. In doing so, we co-create and co-work with our clients to reach goals rapidly and efficiently, and to build a virtuous circle of growth for themselves and society.

Growth and profitability

ACTiWE promotes simple, tangible and durable business solutions that increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. We assist in developing leadership skills, team building, bringing ideas to life, and encouraging new approaches and innovative projects. For our clients, this expertise fosters growth, stability and profitability.

ACTiWE aims to:

  • Help clients identify and analyse obstacles to expansion and new international market entry, and to evaluate all their options for solving even the most complex problems rapidly and thoroughly.
  • Support our clients in setting priorities and defining subsequent organisational needs.
  • Assist in defining and implementing professional/skills development programmes. We seek to build inspirational leadership and dynamic team spirit that stimulate trust, creativity and innovation.
  • Guide clients in presenting an effective brand image of their company or organisation through top-flight events promoting arts, culture, science and technology from Europe and around the world.