Our way of working

ACTiWE’s first priority is to understand our clients’ activities, philosophy and objectives. We help them in formulating their ambitions, in analysing challenges, and in defining their goals and needs in a systemic and integrated way. In all our projects we take a holistic view of the organisation and its interaction with all possible stakeholders and the environment.


ACTiWE encourages the use of new strategies such as co-creation, co-design and co-production, to build platforms where suppliers and customers share information and experiences. This generates value through alternative forms of communication, service and interactive learning processes.

Partnerships & alliances

As project managers, we can provide full-time support at all management levels to formulate and implement streamlined strategies, policies and actions required to be successful.

We match stakeholders (public entities, the world of education and research, and enterprises) for the creation of spin-offs, strategic alliances, networks and clusters. These alliances or partnerships aid in scouting for new markets, providing our clients with access and opportunities for business expansion. They are also valuable in opening doors to participation in major trade fairs and cultural events, as well as integrated European and international trade programmes.