Brazil: win the market!

ACTiWE has extensive experience of establishing and running SMEs in Brazil. Besides fluent Portuguese, our team offers in-depth knowledge of Brazil’s economic, social and cultural realities and has a wide-ranging, trusted professional network.

Market analysis

ACTiWE works with clients to carry out in-depth analyses of Brazil’s market characteristics and the potential for their products. This includes any related legal, social, political and cultural issues. The results and data can be broken down by geography, market segment or other categories. We support our clients in identifying and assessing national and international competitors, distribution channels and logistical implications.  

Legal form options

We help in drawing up a market entry strategy and in selecting the best partners to act as agents or importers/distributors. Our knowledge of Brazil’s economic, social and cultural characteristics is invaluable in understanding Brazilian B2B partners and building agreements. We provide an analysis of all possible options such as setting up a subsidiary, initiating an M & A, joint-venture or minority holding scheme to determine which will deliver optimal results.

Access to local expertise

ACTiWE’s network of local experts, legal advisers and lawyers can assist in drafting international or national agreements in accordance with Brazilian laws. Amongst others: commercial contracts (purchase or sale), distribution agreements, employment contracts, covenants, merger, acquisition, joint-venture and shareholder agreements, trademark licenses, patents, and all such agreements that need to be registered or made known to the I.N.P.I which is responsible for registration of intellectual property.

Together with our clients we will review and compare local and external, private and institutional, operational financing options (e.g. BNDES or European Funds) to start up their project.

Help with business practicalities

We guide clients in selecting an experienced, professional and trusted clearing agent (such an agent is essential for obtaining a licence before any import activities can take place - the “Sistema RADAR”). We can also help in the choice of the best logistics solutions.

In addition, ACTiWE assists clients in appointing a Brazilian chartered accountant/auditor able to report in accordance with international accountancy standards.  On request, we can draw up a method of calculation for the landed costs of goods and services in compliance with the applicable “Transfer Pricing” regulations. Furthermore, we can assist clients to prepare for participation in economic missions and trade fairs in Brazil, as well as entering business networks.